Lost Gloves, Week Fifty-One in the New Abnormal

Janet Zinn
3 min readDec 18, 2022

I’m going to think of my gloves as rentals. No matter what I pay, and how I try to keep them deep in my pockets when they are off my hands, I seem to lose one or more throughout the winter-wear season. Say what you will about gloves, they undoubtedly lack permanence. I suppose we could say that about life itself.

When listening to Buddhist thinkers, or mindfulness teachers, I often hear them speaking thoughtfully on the impermanence of life. I believe the concept is true, but my mind goes into a strange denial of things lost. I will retrace my steps a day later in the hopes of finding the errant glove. I will attempt to undo something I said that can’t be unsaid. Or I will try to figure out exactly where or how I can contact an old friend no longer a part of my present life. It’s hard not to be upset when I’ve lost a document, or worse, files to computer purgatory.

Conversely, I’m happy when an unpleasant experience comes to an end. Or I’m finished with a deadline allowing me to move on. I can bask in the memory of a delicious meal, not upset at all of its impermanence. But I guess we can’t have one without the other.

Am I upset that this year is in its final weeks? Not at all. So many of us carried a heavy load this year. I’m glad 2022 is almost over and I will not regret its passing. I’m hopeful our burdens will be lighter these last two weeks as we experience the impermanence of time passing until 2023.

Self-Care Tips:

· If you’re able to afford it, buy two pairs of gloves instead of one. This way when you lose one you have one from the second set to take its place. You can also do this with socks.

· Carry a smooth stone in your favorite color to rub when you need a bit of grounding or stress relief.

· Sing in the shower. If you want to sing along with music, set your phone with a playlist in a dry place in your bathroom while you shower. It’s a great way to clear your windpipes (along with your head) while getting clean.



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