Make It Quick, Week Forty-One in the New Abnormal

Janet Zinn
3 min readOct 9, 2022

I did something Friday that I haven’t done in well over two years. I went to the movies. I, know some of you are more intrepid than I and have ventured out to see what viewing on the big screen well before this. I specifically went to the Soho Film Festival to see a short film produced by my friend Jackie Schwartz and starring Mischa Dani Goodman, a friend and previous co-worker of Larry’s. An unusual but not surprising coincidence. It was a late night, and I rarely stay up late, but I’m glad I did.

All seven films were excellent, and the best was saved for last as the audience laughed and thoroughly enjoyed Unbridaled. There’s nothing like relishing the creative endeavors of those in our lives. Best of all is being able to watch short films that provide a great deal of content in such a short time frame. I find that true for certain essays, poems, and short stories, as well. For me it’s like a mini cupcake, all the goodness of the regular size, and just enough to completely satisfy.

With a busy schedule, I find that brief encounters can also provide meaningful exchanges. A short, spontaneous meeting running into a friend can be the highlight of the day. A planned get-together for a quick meal is always sweet. In line with brief experiences, I’ll make this post brief, more like an hors d’oeuvres than a cupcake. Shall we say a pig-in-the-blanket? Or, for my vegan friends, a mushroom wrap. A quick hello at a cocktail hour.

Self-Care Tips:

· Listen or watch a quick podcast. They pack a lot in to a short amount of time

· Go to Netflix, Amazon, or another channel to view a short film. You’ll be happy to have given yourself the treat.

· When you begin to feel stressed, take 30 seconds or a couple of minutes to do a quick mental body scan. Start at your fee and move up your body checking in to acknowledge the physical sensations. That alone can bring ease.



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