Let’s Do Better, The Fifteenth Week in the Second Year of the New Abnormal

Janet Zinn
3 min readApr 15

I came home late last night after seeing a beautifully moving theater piece by Suzan-Lori Parks. Retrieving our mail, I saw a broken glass and a brick on the lobby carpet. Apparently, a group of teens were told to leave the area while smoking. So one of them in anger threw a brick through the window to show ‘them.” It created more work for the porter and super who had to clean up and repair on their weekend off, when they were nowhere near the incident.

Too many people of all ages have little or no control of their expression of anger. The honking in the city is out of control. People are emotionally abusive in the workplace. Or we’re ranting on social media. There is a huge uptick of violence throughout the United States, and certain other parts of the world. We are unchecked.

I think we were so excited to leap past the couple of years of the pandemic that we forgot to heal from the losses, the changes, the pain. Now we’re feeling the backlash. So many are acting out because we didn’t do a great job learning and teaching how to care for ourselves when things are tough. And if we’re not attending to our own needs, we’re not in a position to think of what our behavior will do to others.

I’m doing my best to understand that when I’m reactive and harsh something is going on internally. I may not understand it, but I can appreciate that I and those around me are impacted. As Sharon Salzberg, Judson Brewer and others advocate in Loving Kindness mediation, “May I be free from inner and outer harm.” Let’s care for ourselves with kindness and care. Enjoying peace is an active intention.

Janet Zinn

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