Exotic Minnesota, Week Thirty-Six in the New Abnormal

Janet Zinn
3 min readSep 4, 2022

It’s cool, clean and sunny in downtown Minneapolis this morning. I am taking my time this morning on this solo vacation. Yesterday I went to the largest state fair in the country on the outskirts of St. Paul. Wow! It was definitely not an experience to be had in the Big Apple, which made it a truly exotic experience for this New Yorker. I entered in the morning and left as the crowds swelled in the early afternoon. The grounds were sprawling, and I got lost any number of times leading me to impressive displays of award-winning crafts, deco buildings, and backstage settings.

Everyone was friendly and respectful. There were long lines for fried anything including but not limited to corn dogs, alligator, twinkies, and a popular favorite in dairy country, cheese curds. I chose to avoid lines and find my meal outside the fair gates. Most impressive to me were the multiple exhibits of award fair award winners. From hand carved canoes to creative sandwiches, there were ribbon winners in so many categories I couldn’t keep count. Though, the butter sculptures were busts of some of the blue-ribbon recipients. They were being displayed in the dairy building.

After a slow stroll through the midway, I was ready to go. The crowds were swelling. Since I left New York City to get away from crowds, I decided to sacrifice fair sites unseen for a quieter walk through Minnehaha Falls Park in St. Paul. This was another experience I wouldn’t have in Manhattan. Yes, we have small falls in Central Park, but the majesty of the Minnehaha Falls, as well as the expansive network of pathways in the park are unrivaled in my city.

Janet Zinn

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