Bears of Central Park, Week Thirty-Two in the New Abnormal

Janet Zinn
3 min readAug 6, 2022

I entered Central Park at 79th Street. The small, seated area was cordoned off so that Central Park Conservancy workers could clean the sculpture of the bear trio that adorns a circular inlet. I had never seen the careful scrubbing of the artwork and appreciated how diligently they were working to rid the bears of debris. The park is as beautiful as it is thanks to Conservancy employees and a myriad of volunteers who work assiduously to ensure that we can all enjoy all the Park offers.

As I continued walking south I noticed other bears in the park. It’s not that I hadn’t seen them before, but I never thought about them as a constant presence. The others were closer to the Central Park Zoo. One decorated the gate to the zoo area. Another was on the top of the arch that dances on the hour, and a third was simply an ad for an animated short that plays in the Zoo. I’ve never seen a wild bear, save for the imported Polar Bears now long gone inside the Zoo proper. But the Zoo was closed for the day, and the only live animals, aside from Squirrels and pigeons, were the Sea Lions seemingly posing for the camera.

It was fun to discover a themed walk. The day was hot, but there was a light breeze that made the walk doable. I love going down less traveled paths, and it was taking new turns that allowed me to enjoy bears as I moved through the greenery. I wonder what I may discover on my next foray.

Self-Care Tips:

· Depart from your routine. Take a different route. Really look and find something new you hadn’t registered before.

· Thank a volunteer. Though volunteers choose to give of their own free will., they are often unsung heroes. A thank you can go a long way.

· Hum. It’s so simple and it can really lift our mood. Hum with music played, or hum on your own. Either way, you will probably feel better during and after humming.



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